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DIAGNOdent™ Laser Cavity Discovery
Tigard, OR

Technology in the medical and dental fields has come a very long way. In many respects these professions lead the world in pioneering new and exciting technological inventions. Dr. Whipple’s office proudly maintains many state-of-the-art pieces of equipment that help us to be more efficient in our pursuit of giving our patients the best treatment available. Our Diagnodent™ laser give us the ability to more accurately detect cavities within your mouth.

What is it?

The Diagnodent™ laser is a tool that give us the ability to detect inconsistencies within the underlying structure of your teeth. It is a cavity detection system. It is roughly the shape and size of a toothbrush, so it’s easy for it to fit in your mouth with very little effort. It is considered to be a non-invasive tool that requires no preparation or sedation.

How does it work?

The Diagnodent™ uses light in much the same way a radar uses radio waves. We will first take a sample assessment of a healthy tooth in your mouth. The Diagnodent™ laser shines upon your tooth and records the amount of feedback it receives in the form of reflected light upon the tooth.

If a tooth is healthy it does not absorb much light, reflecting most of the laser. If a tooth has been compromised by the onset of decay it will reflect less light and the area of compromise will glow with fluorescence. This will present a visual indicator to us on exactly where the decay is and how extensive it is. Further, the device emits a beeping sound to make it easier to you to witness the difference between all your healthy teeth and any teeth that may be compromised.

What are the advantages of the Diagnodent™?

No matter how experienced a dental professional is, they are still only human. Part of being human is only being able to see within the visible spectrum of light. The Diagnodent™ laser makes it possible for us to detect things we otherwise couldn’t see – things that we even have trouble detecting using other highly dependable detection methods. X-rays are considered to be a very reliable form of cavity detection but even they sometimes miss what the Diagnodent™ is able to see.

Dr. Whipple will still go over your teeth with an explorer in search of cavities. The Daignodent is just a great tool that allows us to detect cavities at a much earlier stage than ever before. If we are able to find a cavity at the very beginning stages, we can alert you to our findings. We can go over what teeth are at risk and where you ought to spend more time in your daily oral hygiene routine. With enough care on your part you may be able to reverse the beginning stages of decay and return the tooth to its normal, healthy state.

The best part of Diagnodent™? There is no radiation given off by the machine. It is a completely benign procedure that gives us nothing but useful information!

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