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Dental Bridges in Tigard, OR

Dental bridges is a prosthesis that we use to replace one or more missing teeth. This is a great, less invasive, way to replace missing teeth. There are two main styles of bridges that are available in a variety of materials. The first style is a removable dental bridge and the second is a permanent, meaning non-removable dental bridge. Dr. Whipple will discuss your options with you and help you determine which is best.

What type of Bridge is used the most?

The most common type of bridge is the non-removable bridge, it is made of porcelain that has been fused to metal. This is the most popular type of bridge because it most resembles your own natural teeth. Dr. Whipple will use two dental crowns to serve as anchors for the dental bridge. He will need two healthy teeth or two dental implants for this. With a strong anchor, Dr. Whipple will then permanently the crowns with one or more artificial teeth in between, this will create a bridge, hence its name.

Dental bridges are very strong and durable, it should last you many years, Dr. Whipple will check how your bridge is fairing during your regular dental checkup to see if it needs to be re-cemented or replaced.

Patients like having a dental bridge for the following reasons:

•  filling the gap of one or multiple missing teeth.
•  fix any bite or chewing issues.
•  restore your smile and your confidence.
•  to help repair your facial shape which may be altered due to missing teeth.
•  assist with any speech issues due to missing teeth.
•  prevent neighboring teeth shifting.
•  to forget about your bridge, unlike a removable partial denture.

What can I expect in the procedure of getting a Fixed Bridge?

While your teeth are numb, Dr. Whipple will prepare your two anchoring teeth. He will need to remove enough enamel to fit a dental crown. This will cause a permanent change to the anchoring teeth. He will then take an impression, or mold, that will be sent to a dental laboratory, where your bridge will be fabricated. You will have a temporary bridge until your permanent one is ready.

With your new permanent bridge, Dr. Whipple will carefully check the fit, the bite and make any adjustments. He will then cement your new bridge into place. Your dental bridge will eventually need to be replaced, but it should last you for several years.

An interesting thing about dental bridges and crowns is that they are remarkably similar in both form an function. Dental crowns are used to restore a single tooth, and dental bridges are typically used to restore up to three missing teeth.

For more information on dental bridges, contact Richard Whipple, DDS at our Tigard, OR office: (503) 620-6133

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